Products & Services

Maintenance, Retrofit & Upgrades

We offer a comprehensive suite of ship maintenance services and support for Electrical, Automation, Navigation, and Communication requirements throughout the year. With our on-call crew available 24/7 in the GCC region and primary operations based in the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Cameroon (West Africa), and Pakistan, we are equipped to meet your needs efficiently. With a track record of 15 years, we prioritize product preservation and essential technological advancements to provide affordable solutions. Our services include retrofits and conversions, saving both time and cost, while our effective research and development efforts ensure bespoke and exclusive solutions tailored to your requirements.

Electrical Systems

LV Switch Boards (MSB, MCC, Distribution & Starter Panels)

Power Panel Integrated Load Management Systems

Variable Frequency Drives

Shore Power Converters

Electrical System Services

MSB & ESB Instrumentation Calibration and Testing

Generator Protection Devices Testing and Calibration

Switchgear Overhaul and Testing

MSB Modification for Adding Sources/Loads

Retrofitting of Obsolete Breakers and Protection Relays

Retrofit/Upgradation of Power Management System (Load Sharing)

AVR Retrofit Solutions for Obsolete AVRs

Automation System

Vessel Management Systems

Engine & Generator Control Panels

Ship Machinery Alarm Monitoring & Control System

Main Engine Monitoring Control System

Azimuth Thruster Control System

Controllable Pitch Propulsion (CPP) Control System

Cargo Monitoring and Control System

Tank Gauging System

Fuel Monitoring and Vessel Optimization Solution

Helideck Monitoring System

Water Ingress Detection System

Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment (SMART ODME)

Power Management System

Fixed Gas Detection System

Boiler Control System

Engine Control System

Alarm Monitoring System

Energy Hybrid Solutions